Today was the final critique for the workshop and overall I am pleased with the images that I selected. I think I made a lot of progress with my photography. All the feedback I got from the group was very useful and it was a great experience.  It was interesting to see the culmination of everyone else’s work and the development of my own. My first images were rather touristy and I didn’t have much of an idea of composition. The feedback I got at the last critique proved to me that I had more of a grasp of what to look for in my photography.

I realized today, that I am way more accustomed to navigating the Shanghai Metro on my own. At first taking the train by myself intimidated me, but now I am fairly used to it and can actually get places!  I think in a utopian society the perfect transit system would be a mix between Shanghai’s metro and NYC’s subway system; The cleanliness of Shanghai’s (and the cell phone service), but it would be open all night, instead of just until 11:00.

Since I am leaving on Sunday (sadly) I thought that a trip to Nanjing Road West was absolutely essential. I’m not generally a shopaholic, but I found it completely necessary to complete my Hello Kitty shopping before I left.  While browsing, I found a really nice Japanese restaurant where I had some delicious grilled chicken and rice. Full and happy, I then left Nanjing and went to the Kitty House Store near our apartments on Tianyaqao Road where I spent a ridiculously large amount of yuan getting my nails decked out with HK.  My wallet was nearly empty when I got home, but it was worth it; I am in China after all.



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